About Us

Specquip has been operating for over 25 years, providing a range of consumables to the Automotive, Mining & Earthmoving Industries.

More recently we have expanded our range and supply Splicing knives ( Bando &Moon), Steel rulers, Squares, rollers and other related tools for the Belting and Rubber Splicing Industries.

With our wide range of Garage Tools and Repair Equipment including Sumake Air Tools, Nitto air fittings, Bottle and Trolley Jacks, Tech Tyre and Repair Products, Mumme Tyre Levers and IMT Air Hydraulic Beadbreaker we have been able to supply and service the Western Australian country and farming towns.

On our list of consumables to cover the importance of safety in the workplace, we can offer a selection of Safety Products including a comprehensive range of gloves, glasses and protective and cleaning products for your needs.

Peter and Bill have over 20 years of experience and provide a personal service to Western Australia, both metro and country and are only to willing too assist you with your needs.


Unit 7, 98 Beechboro Road, Bayswater, WA 6053   |   TEL: (08) 9371 8949   |   FAX: (08) 9371 8477   |   email us